Sea-Doo One-Person Triangle Tube (122 cm x 127 cm)

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  • The Sea-Doo One-Person Triangle Tube (122 cm x 127 cm) is versatile for all ages and rider levels. For relaxed fun, ride seated in the middle with your feet dangling over the side. For a more thrilling ride, lay on the tube and hang on - this model is a great option for performing tricks. Also, one-person tubes are perfect for towing behind a 3-passenger watercraft. All Sea-Doo tubes are made with heavy-duty nylon covers and robust PVC air chambers, and outfitted with quick-connect tow hooks.

  • Sea-Doo One-Person Triangle Tube Designed for one person Sit-in position 24-gauge robust PVC bladder with 420 deniers partial heavy-duty nylon cover Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards to avoid chafing Self-bailing drain vents Reinforced tow system Quick-connect tow hook Padded valve cover Puncture repair kit Boston valve for bladder and normal air valve in floor Diameter: 124 cm x 128 cm when inflated