Passenger Comfort Seat


Product Code: 219400750
  • Enjoy serious comfort with the Passenger Comfort Seat. Its cut-and-sew upholstery is fitted over generous, moulds-to-you padding. For even more comfort, this seat is wider and longer than other Can-Am Ryker passenger seat models. It comes with a complete kit that includes handles and retractable pegs—all pieces and parts designed to complement the Driver Comfort Seat (219400795). Note: You'll need the MAX Mount (219400800) to install this seat.

  • Cut and sew upholstery over generous padding for added comfort. Wider and longer than the Passenger Seat (219400842). Complete kit includes handles and retractable pegs. The MAX Mount (219400800) is required for installation. Complements the Driver Comfort Seat (219400795).

    All Ryker models