Mate Finish Waterless Cleaner

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  • DESCRIPTION Matte Finish Waterless Cleaner is a waterless polymer cleaning solution designed specifically for matte, flat and denim surfaces. Environmentally friendly, it contains no wax or silicone, can't streak, shine or gloss matte surfaces. It cleans without buffing while leaving no residue. HOW TO USE Spray product on a small area of the surface at a time and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth until the light haze disappears. RECOMMENDATIONS Before use make sure there is no solid residue on surface to scratch paint. If surface is excessively dirty, it is recommended to use Moto Foaming Wash. Do not use on hot surfaces. HOT TIPS Clean your vehicle in good light. It's easier to make sure you wipe all the product clean and will illuminate the awesome finish of your matte, flat or denim surfaces. Change microfiber if it gets excessively dirty or soaked.

  • Easy waterless use Specifically for matte, flat and denim surfaces  Contains no wax or silicone Leaves no unwanted streaks or marks Won’t shine or add gloss to matte surfaces